The self-custodial
Spacemesh wallet

SmeshWallet is your free, simple and easy-to-use browser-based wallet for receiving, holding and sending SMH, the coin of the Spacemesh project.


  • Full service

    Receive, hold and send your SMH coins.

  • Self-custodial

    You control your funds. We never have access.

  • Private

    No name, email, or phone number required.

Trusted by over 3600+ users

“SmeshWallet web wallet, by community member @dafacto ❤️”

Official team member of Spacemesh

“If Smapp is not working, SmeshWallet is a good alternative.”

The owner of the Miner on Demand YouTube channel

“SmeshWallet is very convenient and handy.”

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“Your wallet works great, try to sync the desktop just couldn’t get it work””

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“I’m using SmeshWallet. It’s awesome.”

One of the founders of the Team24 Spacemesh PoET service

“To hold SMH without running a node, SmeshWallet is easiest.”

Official Contributor in the Spacemesh Discord

“Wallet interface is nice and clean. Simple. Everyone wants simplicity.”

“SmeshWallet is by a trusted community member. Foxwallet is just some random wallet by unknown people.”

“Let’s go! Love smesh wallet! Ty for all you’ve done. I would have never used it if it weren’t for your presentation, doxxing, and engaging with the community. It feels great not keeping it on a cex and in an easy to use browser wallet”

“Thanks, SmeshWallet is amazing I see now, wish I found it sooner!”

“SmeshWallet is, now, 1000x better than Smapp LMAO”

@Tseu Tseu
Runs the French and English Spacemesh Telegram community

“Yes, I use SmeshWallet developed by long-time community member and contributor @dafacto and it works well.”

“SmeshWallet is a safe wallet. I haven’t had any issues using it so far.”

“Installed in in 2 minutes, sent a test transaction (via safetrade), 5 min later my wallet was activatedAll very smooth and very nice, would absolutely recommend! Thanks!”

“Love it and works like a charm!”

“Raw Potatoes Taste Great.”

“Good job on that wallet! Was super simple and intuitive to use. Can def tell you had “Don’t Make Me Think” in mind”

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“I can honestly say SmeshWallet is very good so far. Well done, some great work. Super simple, just what was needed.”

“This is very helpful as I can now access it from my phone. Amazing!”

“btw, amazing job on smeshwallet, super easy and simple to use, ux is 10/10”

Questions & Answers

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